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Current Vendors

We constantly look for the best technology solutions for our clients.  We have developed relationships with vendor representatives that understand our mission and help us find hardware and software that meets the unique needs of our customers. 

HP/Microsoft Frontline Partnership
Is your small business growing faster than your information technology capacity?  You may need a Microsoft Small Business Server.  A server matched with a fleet of HP desktop computers will reduce the cost of maintenance, configuration problems and help desk expenses.

If you have survived a virus attack, you never want to go through that again.  BeagleTech uses AVG to prevent disasters. 

Speakeasy® offers fast, personal service that focuses on the needs of small business. Speakeasy offers a range of innovative services including VoIP, OneLink DSL, and multiple business-grade connectivity options.
Go To Assist

Are you the accidental techie at your company?  Do you lose time and money helping co-workers find lost files, fixing format problems, responding to strange messages that suddenly appear on a desktop, or frantically searching for How to Manuals?  BeagleTech can work with your or your colleague to resolve these problems with our remote assistance service.  We can log into the computer and working with the user directly, and diagnose or fix the problem.

Were you helping your child with his science project on magnets last night?  Did he lay his magnet on your laptop?  You may need DRIVESAVERS!


Do you get too much spam?  We can help with Postini's spam filters.
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