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About Us

Beagles will go anywhere, anytime.  BeagleTech supports clients in the San Jose area including the Peninsula and South Bay cities, the beautiful Willamette Valley in Oregon and Southern California.

Company Philosophy

BeagleTech is a small business, just like yours, and we deal with the same pain points of all businesses, whether large or small: budget constraints, time constraints, the rapid change of technology, the desire for training and development, and the continual search for improved ways of conducting business and supporting clients. We listen when you speak, understand the constraints and work to leverage experience gained by supporting other companies of similar size. We learn from our customers and share the information. As you grow, we grow.

Our Team
Anne Phoenix, Owner

After more than 12 years working in the corporate IT world, Anne has found more personal satisfaction supporting the needs of small business people.  She has been a entrepreneur most of her life.  With many years experience as a small business owner she understands the problems other entrepreneurs face.  She has met the challenge of creating and maintaining infrastructure, business development, customer service and marketing.   BeagleTech exists to help others face these challenges and meet their unique goals.

 Vietta Helmle - Operations and Technical Support

Vietta handles operations and financial management.  She has expert skills with MS Office programs and graphics software.  She has many years of experience as a manager and  business developer.  Vietta designs and maintains websites for our clients, and provides technical support for Microsoft Office suites. 

Bogart Beagle

Bogart Beagle is our company mascot and inspiration.  He was a willing volunteer for any project.  Relentlessly pursuing his twin goals of eating and sniffing, he would travel anywhere, anytime. 


Contact Us
701 Aldo Avenue
Santa Clara, CA 95054-2211
Phone: 408.998.5826
701 Aldo Avenue
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Phone: 408.998.5826
  Tag line:  Wag more, bark less